About us

The dream to provide a restful sleep began when BelBed commenced the production of luxurious bedroom solutions. Designed, crafted, and produced in the heart of India.  We promise to provide our users with the ultimate sleep experience that makes them wake up happy.

Using the finest raw materials, BelBed stands synonymous with top-notch quality. The majority of these are produced in-house, giving comprehensive quality assurance. In addition to this, we are always innovative. Our products are made using superior technology giving you a quality night’s rest. #wakehappy,stayhappy

Our Mission

Our mission lies in offering the most revitalizing sleep that one can imagine. We understand that when you are comfortable, you are at your happiest. We focus on the comfort of every individual while creating our ‘product range’ More importantly, every product is designed and manufactured at our premises, thus giving you only the best. Business partners who are proud to be a part of a growing organization where collaboration and participation are acknowledged, valued, and appreciated.

Our Vision

Taking the lead in developing new bedding solutions and helping to enhance the quality of the items with technology, and customer service serves as the fundamental cornerstones to achieve customer happiness.

Why choose Belbed


Warranty 5 Years


Hygienic Fabric Dual Sid


Usable Pain and pressure relief Support For Neck, Shoulder & Spine Car


Indulgent comfort


Unparalleled design